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Cost Analysis

and Control

International attention has focused in recent years on methods for analyzing costs of public hospitals in developing countries. With the goal of enabling improved resource allocation, AGI can help you by identifying areas for cost recovery and cost control and by developing management systems to facilitate these efforts. During this process we utilize a range of methods for cost analysis, cost recovery, and cost controls. Our cost-analysis methods focus on a detailed cost accounting effort which identifies the full financial costs of hospital operations and the unit costs of individual hospital services.  We can even help you improve your cost-recovery methods by doing an analysis of cost-related and other issues involved in setting fee levels for hospital services, determination of exemptions for certain population groups, and management of fee collection systems. Some of the services we offer for cost-control methods include analyzing the degree of managerial authority exercised by hospital ,identifying opportunities and incentives for cost control by individual departments within the hospital, and evaluating methods for involving physicians and other clinical decision-makers in cost control efforts.

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