and Licensing

In the area of accreditation and licensing, AGI helps its clients:
  • Address standards education

  • Achieve compliance with standards

  • Prepare for surveys

  • Develop appropriate work plans

We also want our clients to understand how Quality improvement (QI) initiatives affect accreditation. We encourage them to consider how our using our QI consulting services and training can help with implementation of any changes necessary to achieve accreditation or licensing standards or applicable organizational goals for accreditation and licensing.

AGI has assisted dozens of organizations with accreditation and licensing, including:

  • King Hussein Cancer Center – Jordan (achieved a score of 94 percent)

  • Al Mouwasat Hospital – Dammam, Saudi Arabia (achieved a score of 98.6 percent)

  • Saudi German Hospital Group, Riyadh Care Hospital Group, Saud AlBabtain Cardiac Center and other facilities in Saudi Arabia as well as the Ministry of Health in Saudia Arabia

  • Hamad Medical Corporation (Qatar)

  • Numerous hospitals, HMOs and ambulatory care facilities in Oklahoma and other U.S. locations

AGI has also helped facilities and ministries of health in Kuwait, Cyrpus, and Lebanon, among other countries.

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