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Accreditation Consulting

The professionals at the American Center for Academic Logistics are ready to help you meet the NCAAA accreditation standards!  We will guide you through the accreditation process by implementing the following steps:

  • Conduct a detailed pre-assessment of all of the departments of the organizations in order to identify the strength and weakness of each department in preparation for accreditation.Organize and conduct a project planning session for key leaders at the University on attaining accreditation within the shortest possible time frame.

  • Deliver seminars on “how to get accredited” to key leaders at the organization and key personnel (PI facilitators). The seminars will be delivered by qualified speakers.

  • Assist in the organization, staffing and sensitization of employees.

  • Assist in the development of policies and procedures for Hospitals.

  • Assist in the compliance with the NCAAA standards and familiarize University  facilitators with the scoring guidelines manual for the accreditation.

  • Facilitate the organization and completion of Mock Surveys in preparation for accreditation.

  • Assist the office/unit of Performance Improvement in the facility  in its tasks towards accreditation and provide the Director and staff with the necessary tools and skills to conduct their roles and responsibilities most effectively.

  • Assist the teaching and research staff at facility in its tasks towards compliance with NCAAA standards.

  • Assist the administrative staff at the facility in its tasks towards a successful accreditation decision including the sensitization and training on self assessment, documentation, presentations, standards compliance and accreditation site visits.

  • Facilitate the organization of study tours for a select group of the facility  leaders to institutions in the US to benchmark for accreditation.

  • Facilitate an evaluation planning session at the end of year one to assess the effectiveness and efficiency and progress towards accreditation.

  • Provide on-going technical assistance to the facility towards the proper interpretation and compliance to NCAAA standards.

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