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Education Abroad Logistics

The Center will act as the primary organization that will coordinate all of the activities related to logistical support to Universities and Educational entities in the US and abroad.  This may include: preparation and assistance for graduate and undergraduate students in their application process to US Universities towards acceptance and preparation for and passing the TOEFL and GRE exams when applicable.  The Center is also engaged in organizing and delivering cultural orientation for freshmen students to “college life” and to international students to “living in America” for cultural awareness and sensitization.

ACAL also provides the following services to prospective students and educational entities sponsoring students:

  • Every student once accepted will be assigned to an academic advisor from ACAL (at least a Masters prepared/preparing individual) who will be the point of contact for that student during their studies at the University.

  • ACAL appoints a liaison for the program with the student’s education sponsoring entity.

  • ACAL establishes a comprehensive database for all of the students in the program under its arrangements.

  • ACAL provides specific and extensive orientation to selected sponsor staff assigned to this program to ensure effective and timely communication with ACAL staff.

  • ACAL establishes a social networking site for all students in the program to get program updates, ask questions, receive necessary information related to their program of study and to serve as a forum for communication among students and share pertinent experiences.

  • ACAL arranges for each student accepted in the program to attend a suitable ESL (English as a Second Language) program and receive orientation on the local culture, traditions, university life and pertinent US laws and regulations.

  • ACAL acts on behalf of the sponsoring entity to disperse student stipends and living expenses and pay of university and ESL tuitions and fees; as well as insurance fees and any related and approved expenses.

  • ACAL provides follow up and monitoring services for each student in the program towards successful completion of the program.  ACAL advisors also provide needed counseling and mentorship to all students in the program.

  • Students’ advisors will be in touch with students and their programs on a regular basis to ensure program compliance and successful progress.

  • ACAL is responsible for processing all applications with the Universities and follows through until getting the acceptance letter for each eligible student in the program.

  • ACAL assists in the processing of visa applications of International students with US embassies and consulates as needed.

  • ACAL will assist in student accommodations and placements at the Universities as needed.

  • ACAL through its academic advisors facilitates any special physical and educational needs for program students and establishes the relevant contact with the student’s university to ensure successful academic progress.

  • ACAL academic advisors assist select students (as needed) with their extracurricular tutoring or research designs as applicable.

  • For those program students who are married, ACAL assists spouses, as needed, with accommodation arrangements as well as placements for children education and care services.

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