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American Gulf International has been delivering best practice and quality training courses and technical assistance to professionals and organizations for 23years. The scope of AGI’s projects include leadership and management training, curriculum development, strategic planning, quality assurance, accreditation, healthcare administration, and system assessment and development. The organization has proven capacity to develop curricula and provide training in a number of areas using adult learning techniques focused on learning styles and group dynamics.

AGI workshops and conferences have been organized and delivered to hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and languages in various settings worldwide.  The organization has pioneered a set of methodologies in the implementation and monitoring of the quality improvement process and been instrumental in transforming leadership practices to meet and exceed individual leadership goals, business standards and/or compliance requirements. Corporate and governmental clients (USAID) with projects of same scope and/or size include international government agencies, healthcare organizations, training agencies, and Universities. AGI has offices in Oklahoma, Amman/Jordan, and Ankara/Turkey. AGI is a women-owned small business operating within a HUB Zone.

Our Services

Accreditation Preparation Services for Organizations and Universities

Quality Management

Performance Measurement and Improvement

Strategic Planning

Capacity Development (training, education, coaching mentoring, etc.)

Leadership Development

System Assessment

Program Evaluation

Risk Management

Plans, Policies and Procedures